Pest Control DeKalb IL

Having problems with nasty pests on your lawn or even inside your house? Search no longer residents of DeKalb, Illinois, for Lawn Doctor is here to provide you with a solution.

You may have bugs roaming through your kitchen; termites destroying your well maintained lawn, or mosquitoes buzzing over your head while sitting on the porch in afternoons. Guaranteed, none of these will pose a problem anymore after we offer you our expert pest control, DeKalb IL!

Professional Pest Control, DeKalb IL

Pest Control DeKalb ILInsects or garden pests can be detrimental not only to your lawn aesthetics, but might also prove to be carriers for allergens, diseases or threats to your animal companions. The importance of keeping them under control cannot be overstated; either if you’re a lawn enthusiast or not. So make the right choice today and do not endanger your family’s health anymore.

What makes us stand apart from other pest control businesses? Firstly, the four decade experience we have in this domain, during which we have improved our methods almost to perfection. Our professionally trained pest control experts will not only get rid of your pest problems; they will also offer you sound advice on how to avoid similar problems in the future. We offer a variety of organic pest control services, ranging from mosquito control, to termite control and even rodent control.

If you’re not willing to commit to our pest extermination programs at first, or just don’t know if you have a pest problem, we also have a solution for you: we offer you a free overall examination of your lawn health, including what pest infestations you might have to deal with. Our exterminators will thoroughly search your house and lawn for signs of nests or any possible future locations for them. We also include a personalized rapport with suggestions for maintaining a healthy lawn in the future.

Exterminator – DeKalb, IL

If you do realize you have a pest problem, you needn’t worry; you are literally in the best hands possible. Our extensive insect control services are designed to combat a wide variety of lawn pests: from crickets to millipedes, from ants to centipedes, and even from sowbugs to spiders. Satisfaction GuaranteeWe will also thoroughly check your house for spider nets and spider eggs and completely rid it of them if it’s the case.

Our services don’t stop with pest control; check with your local Lawn Doctor franchise to see our long list of lawn health and maintenance options we offer. Our custom lawn services, ranging from power seeding to fire ant control, are enough to cover most of the problems you can encounter in your yard.

The multilateral lawn care emphasis we have at Lawn Doctor shows our commitment and dedication towards healthy lawns; and that’s why we know we are the best choice in pest control, DeKalb IL! We are so dedicated towards professionalism in this area that, should the case arise in which our services will prove to be incomplete and not rid you of your problem, we will offer you the choice of either reapplying the treatment at no cost or giving you a full refund. Call us today at 1-800-845-0580 and put an end to your lawn problems once and for all!