Pest Control Genoa IL

If it feels like your marvelous front lawn is falling prey to pesky bugs and other insects, it might be high time you should enlist some professional help in this aspect; and luckily for you, Lawn Doctor is here to provide the best pest control Genoa IL can possibly get.

We are one of the most established companies in this domain nationally and already offer our local services throughout most of the state of Illinois. We have been active for more than four decades in lawn management and pest control services, and this has gradually shifted our trade towards a customer first, quality of services based approach. Our services are guaranteed by experts well documented into the matter; any pest infestations you have will be eliminated after a couple of sessions of our maintainer program for pest control.

Extensive Pest Control, Genoa IL services

Pest Control Genoa ILWe are not specifically just a pest control company; we are actually more driven towards a complete lawn care experience, and to that end we also offer loads of options when it comes to custom lawn maintenance services other than pest control. It is exactly for this reason that we are probably in the best position to both fully appreciate to extent to which little insects and bugs can damage a lawn, and also find solutions that will rid you of their problem without affecting your lawn.

Rodent control – in case you have mice or other bothersome rodents running rampant through the cracks in your house – termite control and mosquito control are just some of the options our exterminators are trained to apply on your garden and house. Mosquitos particularly can mean bad news not only for yourself, but for your family and pets, as they spread diseases and allergies. Termites can also dig their way into your house and eat away at any wood you have.

It is possible though that you are not aware of how serious your infestation is or if it really is an infestation; so you would be reticent to call specialized help. We are trying to solve this problem and raise awareness about pest control in Genoa,IL by offering a free preliminary evaluation of your lawn’s overall health and the insects it is adorned with. It’s absolutely free and you are not by any means forced to pursue any of our paid services after taking it; it’s just a second opinion that you’ll get about your lawn from an expert.

Exterminator Genoa IL

Of course, if you think you should follow up on our services, you will be treated to the highest professionalism in pest extermination throughout our program, which will span throughout a couple of sessions in an attempt to rid you of all pests.

And because we acknowledge the fact that we are not perfect and there might be the occasional slip-up, we are not going to turn our back in you: in case our treatment doesn’t give the expected result, then you are entitled to a refund, but can also opt for us to re-try the treatment a second time, free of charge of course.