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Is your lawn overrun by ants, termites, centipedes or other pests that destroy it and threaten to also infest your house? Well the solution is now in your hands: the local Lawn Doctor will help you solve these problems quickly and for a moderate fee.

Our certified pest control won’t only rid you just of those annoying rodents, or those pesky mosquitos flying everywhere, or the termites that are disrupting your lawn with mounds every five feet. It will actually make all these problems and many others combined disappear, as we strive to offer the best pest control, Machesney Park IL residents.

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Pest Control Machesney Park ILThere are many ways in which insects and bugs can prove to be way more than little nuisances, but real threats to both your lawn’s health and even your own. Some mosquito species facilitate transmission of diseases, and can even carry widespread allergens. Rodents might start chewing their way through books and paper documents; while ants or termites can ruin your food if they somehow manage to get into your kitchen.

Lawn Doctor has a 40+ years’ experience behind it in the domain of lawn maintenance, and its exterminators are trained to thoroughly search for the most hidden of nests or holes. We offer mosquito control, termite inspection and control and rodent control services amongst others, but the list of pests we provide support with aren’t limited to these: ants, centipedes, millipedes, boxelder bugs, earwigs and many more are on the list. And besides extermination services, we will also advise and instruct you on how to make such infestations less possiblein the future.

If you’re not decided on whether there is a real need to call for pest control, then we have an alternative that is free for all Machesney Park residents: we offer you a lawn evaluation that doesn’t cost anything, including general assessments of your lawn’s condition and the severity of infestations, if it’s the case. The paper you’ll be handed at the end will show all these, but also advice on what you can do on your own, such as moving any firewood you might have as far as possible from your house.

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Best of the CityIf you decide to call on our services, you are guaranteed the most professional and ethical approach to the problem on the market. Besides organic pest control, you can also choose from a variety of custom lawn maintenance services; your local office will have a full list describing them and their prices.

We at Lawn Doctor commit to get rid of your pest problems within a couple of sessions of our program; during which we will extensively search and clean your lawn and your house. If it doesn’t work out, and you see pests still rampaging through your domain, we offer to come again and treat it for free this time; or offer you a full refund. Either way, you have nothing to lose – while we strive to be offer the best pest control Machesney Park IL can get.