Pest Control Rockford IL

Tired of seeing the number of pesky mosquitos growing on your front lawn? Well, you needn’t worry anymore about pest control, Rockford IL residents; we’ve got just the solution for you.

With more than forty years of experience behind us and techniques tried and tested in the worst of circumstances, Lawn Doctor provides utmost excellent services in pest control. You’ll never have to be embarrassed again by your insect-riddled front yard; and do not panic even if they’re starting to spread into your house, because we guarantee that our services will rid you of the most resilient of pests!

Lawn Doctor – The Best in Pest Control, Rockford IL

Pest Control Rockford ILYou might say to yourself: “I’ve heard all that before. How can you back this up?” Well, Lawn Doctor isn’t just a name; our services are fully orientated towards lawn maintenance. So count on us to never underestimate the damage that pests can do to lawns, and beyond that; they can easily bring allergies or diseases to your family or pets. Our organic pest control program has been adapted through time to make these nuisances disappear in the most lawn and health-friendly way possible; and options include termite control, so that you’ll stop finding your lawn disrupted by those annoying hills, rodent control and mosquito control, amongst others.

We offer a free first evaluation of your lawn’s overall health, which offers a clear identification of the types of insects and the diseases they fester on your lawn. This is entirely free for anyone that desires it, and doesn’t force you into any kind of commitment to future services with us; we will provide you with recommendations about combating insect infestation at the end of the evaluation.

Exterminator – Rockford IL

We strive to provide the best money for quality services with our maintainer program for pest control. After a few sessions of inspection, diagnosis and treatment we will definitely rid your lawn/house of ants, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, sowbugs, fleas, clover mites and more. We will also instruct you on how to avoid further infestations and manage the healthiest lawn possible.

Our exterminators will inspect all the places around your lawn and house that might have nests, or might provide sources for them in the future. They will also fully remove any spider webs that they will find in your house. After that, they will extensively advise you on how to prevent further spread of insects and day-to-day maintenance of your house/lawn.

As we said, Lawn Doctor guarantees the best of services, but we’re still human after all; if you’re not satisfied with our services, or see that they failed to rid you of all infestation, just call your local Lawn Doctor chapter; after inspecting your claim, we will either reapply the treatment for free or offer you a full refund, depending on your choice.

We bring you the best in pest control, Rockford, IL! So don’t hesitate and let the bugs crawl through your house; call us at 1-800-845-0580 today to get rid of them!