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Maybe you’ve had enough of termites and ants trampling through the lawn you’re so proud of, or too many mosquitoes are there just to bother your Saturday evening. You might hear mice running below floor at night or have cobwebs developing at an astonishing rate. In either case, you should give Lawn Doctor a shot – the best choice for pest control in Roscoe IL.

Our all-around lawn services have 40 years of experience behind them, while they vary from the simplest of lawn care techniques to mower maintenance and power seeding. Among them, our organic pest control programs are probably the most extensive you’re going to see throughout the state of Illinois or even nation-wide.

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Pest Control Roscoe ILOur exterminators are well trained and equipped to deal with as varied situations can get. We offer, for example thorough termite inspection and termite control services. Termite mounds can disrupt the overall aesthetic of a lawn, and there are many occasions in which their system of underground tunnels will find ways underneath your foundation and into your home. Lawn Doctor specialists will seal any entrance points to your house – even the most hidden ones – and of course, after freeing your lawn of them will instruct you on how to avoid further termite problems.

This is just an example of the framework we apply towards dealing with a certain problem; we think about the long-term solutions as much as about the immediate ones. Because that’s the key towards maintaining a healthy lawn, despite the risk of pest infestation – judging how to prevent them in the future. Our experts will share with you the secrets of keeping a problem-free lawn; and our certified pest control program guarantees that status for your front yard.

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Of course, we do not take care only of termites; our services in pest extermination also include mosquito control and rodent control, and the general treatment applies to a wide variety of bugs you might encounter: centipedes, millipedes, ants, spiders, silverfish and many others. Satisfaction GuaranteeYou can also avoid further infestations by doing basic stuff like keeping firewood at a good distance from your house or immediately sealing any cracks you see; you will learn these and many more uncomplicated tips directly from our expert teams.

We offer a free program of evaluation to all residents of Roscoe – the only thing you need to do for it is complete a simple form. There are no strings attached or hidden fees/agreements; our Lawn Doctor specialists will come and inspect your yard/house and offer you a full evaluation of overall health and level of infestation. It’s entirely up to you what you choose to do from that moment on; but to reinstate our customer-first approach, keep in mind that if our services fail to rid you of your problem, we either offer to try for free until they do or send you your money back. We strive to offer the best pest control, Roscoe IL, and we guarantee great professionalism for it.