Tree & Shrub Services

Root Feeding of Your Plants

Tree & Shrub Services | Green Acres Lawn Care & LandscapeYou have a financial investment in your trees and shrubs. Whether you planted them yourself, or they came with the home, they are a valuable part of your property that should be cared for. Green Acres Lawn Care knows exactly what is needed to keep your ornamentals health and happy. We improve the health of your plants so that they can resist disease and insect attacks, and continue to bloom and flower.

We take your plant’s health seriously and will help your plants that may not be in the best soil or planted in an ideal location that doesn’t get enough light or water. We supplement your plants nourishment with root feeding injections that deliver proper plant foods to the root system allowing it to be easily absorbed and give back quicker results. We recommend this service at least once per season to keep your trees and shrubs in a healthy and happy state.

Proper Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning your trees and shrubs improves your plants’ look while keeping them healthy and trains them to grow properly. Training a plant to grow properly saves you even more money, because it will need less care to grow into the plant that you want accenting your home and property. Your home’s cub appeal, your whole property’s beauty, and the health of your plants will be improved.

Our Horticultural Program

  1. Early Spring – Dormant Oil
  2. Early Late Spring – Root Zone Fertilization
  3. Late Spring – Insect & Disease Treatment
  4. Summer – Insect & Disease Treatment
  5. Late Summer / Early Fall – Fertilization and Insect & Disease Treatment

Contact us today for more information or to sign up for Root Feeding, Tree & Shrub Pruning, or one of our Horticultural Programs to improve the health and beauty of your Lawn & Landscaping. Try our Free Estimate form, or for fastest service, call our office at 815-703-0873.